The Hybrid Style Tile

As of recent, the process of creating style tiles and mood boards to explore possible visual design and user interface elements have become the norm.

Gone are the days when a designer was given a set number of web pages to meticulously comb over and create pixel perfect renditions of a website as viewed in a desktop browser.

In this day and age, there are too many screen sizes to account for, and it wouldn’t be fair to design for just one.

Before I go any further, I’d like to recognize Samantha Warren for coming up with such an idea. The Style Tile has become one of my favorite tools within the digital design process when it comes to exploring ideas for visual style and user interface elements. To quote Samantha Warren,

“A style tile is a design deliverable that is presented to help form a common visual language between the designer and stakeholders,”

this helps with design exploration and to create discussion around the clients preferences and goal.

So much an advocate of this idea, I created a version which combines aspects of a mood board as well as the classic style tile. The idea was created while imagining a solution when a brand’s identity has been established but more guidance is needed in terms of interpreting the brand’s image through its digital presence.

The Hybrid Style Tile

I have introduced this as a standard deliverable that I offer to my clients when exploring the visual design phase of a project.

The “Hybrid Style Tile” can consist of images, illustrations, and any other visual elements that might aid in bringing forth the essence of the brand.

What are your thoughts?

What custom solutions have you created that aid the client through the product design process?